Seminars for Members of the Law Society of Scotland

We are delighted to be facilitating the following seminars for members of the Law Society of Scotland in October: Leading and Managing Meetings: 9th October 2019 Meetings, whether with clients or with colleagues, are an integral part of our professional lives. Poorly managed, they can waste valuable time and demotivate those involved. In this session we explore best practice in leading and participating in meetings in order to maximise their output. We will be joined for part of the session by guest speaker Vince McKeown.   Having held

Seminar: The Role of Coaching in Personal, Professional and Organisational Growth

Date: Tuesday 1st October 2019 Venue: The offices of Shepherd & Wedderburn, 10 St. Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AL Registration, breakfast & networking: 8.15-8.45 am Formal Session: 8.45-10.45 am Coffee & networking: 10.45 -11.30am During this interactive session we will be joined by Alistair Hall, Global Head of Marketing Operations for Aberdeen Standard Investments and Johan Cras, UK Managing Director of Kempen (Fiduciary Management) who will share their personal and professional insights and experiences of executive coaching. Carole Ritchie, Head of HR for law firm

Do leaders need to exhibit confidence to succeed? And what is the role of vulnerability? By Jane Welsh

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s book ‘Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?’ suggests that we assume a correlation between confidence and competence that doesn’t exist. As a result, confident (and even over-confident) people end up in leadership roles. Hardwiring from our early roots dealing with ever present danger and the fight for survival may not be helpful in the 21st century. Tomas suggests that we take too much comfort from the confidence of our leaders even when we are dealing with highly complex situations that are

Leadership – does it matter?

There’s a lot of talk about leadership, and it’s a core part of the work we do with our clients. So, it’s worth asking, does leadership really matter, and what difference does good leadership make compared with poor leadership? We ask these questions in the leadership research project we’re currently undertaking in the finance and professional services sectors. One of the clear messages we’re receiving is the impact leadership has on our emotions. A significant proportion of people participating in the research indicate that good

Leadership in the Finance and Professional Services Sectors – We want your input!

Team Spirit

We are undertaking a new research programme into the leadership qualities and behaviours needed in the finance & professional services industry in the 21st Century.  At a time of great change in the industry, the expectations of leaders are enormous.  Yet we sense that the thinking on leadership is not well developed across the industry. We believe our research will help stimulate a timely discussion about the nature of leadership. We are looking to investigate three areas: What do leaders in the industry see as

Navigating Burnout

It is just over 10 years ago when I suffered from ‘burnout’.  I was open about this with my work colleagues at the time but given that my network of contacts has grown further since then, and I’ve just passed a major milestone, I thought it was an appropriate time to share my experience with my broader contacts. From feeling in control of my life, I felt broken inside, experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression.  One minute I was juggling many balls at work

Leadership and Team Development Workshops

We’ve been busy this year facilitating workshops for many of our corporate clients as well as on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland, ICAS and the Professional Bodies Forum. Our workshops support the three key themes that often feature in our work with clients: Leadership, Collaboration and Growth: All our workshops are interactive. We encourage delegates to learn from one another’s experiences and challenges as they discuss the course content. We work hard to create a safe environment where participants feel comfortable expressing their

The Role of Communication in Change

We all know that communication plays a vital role in effecting change. But why is this? Research undertaken in the USA (Wilson & Gilbert 2005) provides some insight. People are generally competent at telling whether a future event will be pleasant or unpleasant. But how accurate are we in predicting how happy or unhappy we might be? The research sought to establish how good we are in predicting the intensity of our emotional response to future events. For example, we may look forward to going

How to be an Effective Leader


In our work we often meet people who don’t view themselves as leaders and yet they are, having perhaps unknowingly transitioned into a leadership role. People often have little choice as to whether or not they become a leader, the decision being largely out of their hands. Who makes the decision? Other people – colleagues, staff, clients and those who are affected in some why by what the leader says and does. Most senior people in an organisation will be expected to act as a

Taking the Step up to Partner

Nothing beats learning from those who have succeeded…. and in order to obtain an industry-wide perspective we have interviewed over fifty Partners and other senior individuals within the accounting, actuarial, consulting and legal sectors, a number of whom we have worked with as coaches. One of the questions posed was “what advice would you give to those seeking to become a Partner over the next couple of years”. The following is a summary of the most common ‘tips’: 1. Understand the role and the sacrifices