Selected testimonials

“With great success, we engaged Leading Figures to assist in developing and improving relationships amongst the partner group leading the business. Through working closely with both Thomas and Russell, individuals learned more about themselves and one another, resulting in improved teamwork and collaboration. Running workshops on MBTI, resilience and high performing teams allowed us to better align our focus for key challenges. We leveraged the MBTI ground work by applying it to external meetings with current and prospective clients allowing us to better prepare and improve confidence.

“Having at hand the wisdom of both the guys felt for me like an extension of my leadership team. Leading Figures will add value to challenges you come across in non-critical way that sometimes is not possible within your organisation.”

Romael Karam, CEO
Harmonic Capital LLP


“Working with Thomas and Russell at Leading Figures to develop the Leading Actuary Programme for our members in Scotland has been a hugely beneficial and valuable experience. Their understanding of the unique needs of the target audience made the whole process very easy. The programme challenged our members to look at themselves in a new light and to move out-with their comfort zones, which was exactly what we were looking for from the programme. The feedback we have received from members has been excellent with many requesting we continue to work with Leading Figures going forward.”

Tess Joyce, Regions Manager
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries


“I have worked with Thomas and Russell a number of times over the last few years in my role within the CISI and previously as a Learning & Development Manager in a leading asset management firm. They are innovative and supportive in their approach to coaching and leadership and have been an integral part of my plans over the last few years. Both Russell and Thomas are excellent presenters, adapt to challenging individuals and groups while understanding the pressures of working within financial services. Working with them is always a pleasure and extremely rewarding for all the delegates on any of their events. I always look forward to working with them and the professionalism they bring.”

Colin Anderson, Client Relationship Manager
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment


“I am writing this note to thank you sincerely for the support and value you have delivered for me recently. I find Leading Figures to be a leading contributor to the people growth agenda both on an individual and a team perspective. There is an authenticity that comes from the principals in your business and your knowledge of the financial services world in particular drives strong and relevant content. I have benefited from seeing a natural but visible growth in the team I work with. I am thoroughly appreciative of your contribution to date on this agenda and really look forward to working with leading figures in the years to come. In life there is no dress rehearsal, you have to step onto that stage proudly and with passion . . . fairly sure we will, with your help!”

Billy MacLeod, MBA, Chartered Banker
Regional Director, Scotland and North England
Allied Irish Bank


“Leading Figures have been working with me and my team for a number of years. They have provided invaluable support, challenge and coaching to ensure we fulfil our potential as individuals but as importantly as a team. The outcome of this work has meant we are more effective in collectively achieving results and have added more value to our organisation as a consequence. The way the leading figures team works has been tailored specifically to meet our needs and aspirations, has taken account of the needs of a very diverse group of people and ensured we work to our strengths while actively focussing on our delivery priorities. I would recommend Leading Figures to work with individuals and teams who want to achieve their fullest potential.”

Fiona Campbell, Head of Policy Technology and Improvement
Falkirk Council


What we do

Individual 1:1 Coaching

Leadership is the thread that runs through every aspect of what we do and who we are. We work 1:1 with clients who have a desire to grow, whether they aspire to step-up in their career, be more effective in their current role, or pursue an ambition beyond the realms of their work.

Clients include partners of professional services firms and senior leaders in the financial sector.

Team Coaching

We work with groups that aspire to become teams; who recognise that their collective output is greater than the ‘sum of their individual parts’. We create the conditions for success by facilitating and stimulating powerful conversations whilst sharing our research and experience of how groups transition into high performing teams.

Individual coaching can be arranged and interleaved as required for team members either before, during or after the team coaching programme.

Recent assignments include High Performing Team Coaching sessions with a partner team of a leading global consulting firm who are seeking to achieve a high level of business growth and understand that they are more likely to achieve their goal by working together than in isolation.


We also run bespoke peer learning groups and themed seminars such as:

The Leading Actuary Programme (LEAP) – in partnership with the Scottish Board of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries we recently designed and delivered a programme of three workshops across four locations to help actuaries think about what success means for them and how they succeed in a changing market place. Themes included: developing a growth mindset, building resilience, leadership and emotional intelligence.


We use the Kouzes & Posner Leadership Practices Inventory to help our clients understand their current leadership capability, and how to build on it. We recently used the analysis with a team of 25 leaders in a higher education establishment, providing them with a common language and insight into their individual and collective leadership capability.

We offer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help clients develop a greater awareness and understanding of their personality and how relationships with others can be enhanced.